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Shamanism & Living Energy
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With deep gratitude and munay, I honor and acknowledge our ancestors, those who have walked before us and will walk after us, and the great seers and lineages of the Q'ero shamans of Peru. I sacredly hold and embody their teachings, practices and initiations that were gifted to me, and I honor their invitation to share this with the world as this is a time of great transformation and new beginnings and Where We Meet Ourselves Again.



Shamanism has been around for at least 100,000 years.  It is a way of being in direct relationship with nature and the divine, a direct path to knowledge that reconnects us to our connection to all things. It teaches us that we have all we need inside of ourselves. Using direct experience, we explore our inner terrain, bringing to light what is ready to be healed. As we heal our past, we shift our current state of being.

Living Energy

Mesa, Kuyas, Medicine Tool , Q'ero, Shamanic Practictioner, Mesa Carrier, Wildly Alive Sarah, Shamanic Practitioner, Living Energy Healer, Wildly Alive, Become your own healer, Q'ero, the beauty way, Lincoln City, Oregon

The Q'ero call living energy"Kawsay Pacha". As we learn to be in our center, we begin to perceive the animate world of energy and spirit, enabling us to connect with our energy body - our luminous energy field or poq'po (pronounced pokey-po) to cleanse it of hucha (dense energy) and to draw in sami (refined light energy). We also become acutely aware of the living energy that is all around us - in others, in nature and in the cosmos. When we are out of balance with this energy, it affects our well being. When we are in ayni (right relationship) to this energy, it becomes wildly alive, transformative, healing and empowers us.

How Shamanic Healing Can Support You

Create and manifest the life that is your birthright! The healing medicine and energetic healing technologies of the Q'ero offer a direct experience into a profound level of your being-ness where you can shift your experience of reality into one that creates and nourishes a beautifully supportive relationship with Nature and with the Cosmos.

The traditions of the Andean lineage of the high mountains of Peru teach you how to perceive and run living energy through your conscious awareness to weave aliveness, flow and harmony into your life, and empower and nurture you through connecting you to the ancient powerful medicine Nature and the Stars offer.


This medicine is a tradition of alliances, interconnection, oneness and mutual support. Walking this path will guide you into deepening your resonance and connection with your sacred GPS (inner guidance), the Pachamama, Spirit and the Cosmos.


The medicine helps you get unstuck, removes blocks, unbinds you from patterns, beliefs and behaviors that keep you looping in stories of unworthiness, shame, guilt, brokenness, hopelessness and feeling unseen or unheard.


As you learn to step outside of the ordinary world and into the non-ordinary and the mythic, your awareness of the world around you and within you completely transforms.


You will learn through your own direct experience how to find the fullness of freedom within, flow with the rhythm of life, be seen, heard and witnessed, retrieve your destiny, discover your soul purpose and connect to the cosmic living energy that is all around you and within you, perceiving the magic that lies just beneath the surface of everything, including yourself! This journey of discovery and remembering is what you came here to do.


Ready to begin your healing journey? Want to replenish your healing toolkit? Want to try something new? Schedule a Shamanic Healing Session with me and begin to create a life that is fulfilling, full of purpose, beauty and meaning and absolutely Wildly Alive!

During my Shamanic Healing Session, Sarah eased my fears and made sure to stay within my comfort zone.  Her gentle and loving presence is so comforting and calming.  It is very clear she loves helping others and has complete intention to nurture and support others on their healing journeys. 

Sarah is a very gifted Shamanic Practitioner and Living Energy Healer, and she is thorough and completely present during our healing sessions.  I always feel so supported and good after working with her.  I also feel empowered to trust my inner knowing and leave sessions with clear guidance of a path forward.  I am grateful to know I can reach out to Sarah at any time for support, guidance, and encouragement. 

Barb R.
Beaverton, OR

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