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Online Healing Sessions

If you can't find a time that works well for you, reach out and we'll find a time together that does.

Zelle or Venmo payments are available. If this is your preferred method of payment, please contact me prior to scheduling.  

Need financial assistance? Schedule a free discovery call and let's explore options together!

This is not the type of service I would normally seek out. I tend to think about my life and my challenges in a very linear or “Type A” way. But my work with Sarah has proven to be incredibly rewarding. By adding it as a layer of my self care, it has made a huge impact on an array of areas in my life. I’m so thankful to have connected with her and that I have access to this connection to things larger than myself.


Portland, Oregon

"My sweet pup Kloey passed at 15 y.o. And while not a surprise, so hard to move past. I received an Aya Despacho to celebrate all Kloey had brought to my life during our time together. I wanted the Despacho and Ceremony to be a time of reflection, smiles and stories (rather than sadness & grief) … and I now look back on that night and am so thankful for the experience it gave us. Grief is hard, but working through it, healing and experiencing the Despacho Ceremony will stay with me forever as the night we celebrated my sweet Klo girl with tears, stories, her song, and a beautiful fire."


Hood River, OR

Participating in the Wildly Alive group healing circle was a beautiful experience. Sarah’s guidance and the collective energy of the group created a supportive and uplifting environment. I felt a profound sense of peace and renewal as I connected with the group on a journey towards healing. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking healing and inner balance in a group setting of safe, nonjudgmental, and supportive space.

Beth J

Bend, OR

I worked with Sarah to develop a despacho ceremony in early March 2024 and shortly after received the bundle she had created. I needed to wait a few days before burning it outside in ceremony since we were having heavy rain. Once the skies cleared, I ended up burning the bundle and also burying part of it, just going with the flow of what needed to be done in the moment. It is just over two months later, and my life has changed dramatically. Spirit has sent me shocking, delightful and miraculous lessons to prepare me for what I requested. This has resulted in a transformational healing I didn’t know that I needed. When the lessons arrived, I had no clue as to what they were about but now it all makes sense to me in hindsight. Now my body is integrating in order to catch up with what has occurred on an emotional and spiritual level. I have no doubt that I’ll receive what I asked for and am simply awaiting whichever tasks Spirit has in store for me before then. The results of the ceremony facilitated by Sarah have filled me with awe.


Portland, OR

Without a doubt I trust Sarah to do what she is intuitively guided to do. Sarah has such a strong and beautiful connection to the divine, always working with an open heart and the purest intention. She has picked up on things multiple times that I had never told her about prior to any session I've had with her.

Throughout the Soul Reconnection Technique session I could feel energy working in my energy field. I could feel each layer that was being worked on and felt very calm, balanced, energized and yet relaxed at the end of the session. The integration time and Sarah's notes at the end of our session of what she picked up on me fully resonated. 


Sarah has a beautiful and descriptive way of explaining things, and is able to offer sound guidance without allowing any personal tone of judgment to filter through.


I would have Sarah do another healing session on me in a heartbeat. She has a beautiful gift that should be shared with as many as possible.


Kristal Galindo


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