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Meet Sarah
Mesa, Kuyas, Medicine Tool , Q'ero, Shamanic Practictioner, Mesa Carrier, Wildly Alive Sarah, Shamanic Practitioner, Living Energy Healer, Wildly Alive, Become your own healer, Q'ero, the beauty way, Lincoln City, Oregon
Warm Greetings from my heart to your heart!

My Story


I have always been drawn to healing, yet it was in my life's plan to follow a different path the first part of my life, which I now know was preparing me to step into healing. I spent many years studying and working in higher education. During that time I created many meaningful partnerships and friendships, navigated lots of change and gained many professional skills. Most significant during those years were the opportunities and experiences I had that began to shape my destiny as a deep calling began to sound within me that there was something more for me to do, another path for me to follow.

Over the years, I noticed that I began to feel exhausted and life just felt really felt dull and colorless. I started to question - Why was I here? What was the point of all this?


Just about the time I felt that something had to change, I began to hear my name called and each time I looked around, no one was there. Crows began to follow me on my daily walks perching close to me as I walked by, and on some days if there were none around I found I could call them in. Clouds would form pictures as clear as day. Feathers would fall from the sky into my path. I began drawing symbols I had never seen before. My energy began to shift and morph, vibrating with a sense of anticipation. The wind whispered over and over in my ear "It is time, Sarah, it is time".  Wild insights flooded my being and I began to journal. The words I wrote felt like they were coming from another place and time. Woven together they began to form pictures and then stories of something inside me coming alive that had been long forgotten.


I asked for a teacher and one by one teachers began to show up in my life. I took psychic and mediumship development classes where I found I had a natural gift to make a soul to soul connection with those I was reading for, to help them find comfort and healing. As the call got louder, the desire and strong yearning to dive deeper became like a fire inside of me.




And then, through a series of magically aligned events and circumstances, I answered the call. I began my journey through the shamanic Medicine Wheel, diving into the dark recesses of my soul, into the wild and untamed thicket of my wounding and traumas.  My soul yearned for this and as the layers of conditioning began to peel off, I discovered my own brilliance and found joy, beauty and the wild aliveness that I had so craved but could never hold onto for very long before that. I knew I had aligned with my purpose and it was time to step into the next phase of my life and into the work I came here to do, to teach others how to become their own healers.


I trained as shamanic practitioner and as I was initiated into the lineage of the Q'ero paqos (medicine men and women in Peru) I knew I'd come home to myself. My soul said YES! The energetic teachings and practices felt remembered. My world became full of vibrant colors, rich meaning, deep connection, spaciousness and I felt absolutely Wildly Alive.

I have found peace about the first half of my life. I see myself as an explorer during that period - learning, living and being a human in a conditioned world. Those experiences prepared me to discover my soul's path. And in fact, I still see myself as an explorer - except this time I don't long for, pine for or wish I had more - I know I hold everything within me. I also know I am not alone - I am wildly supported by Pachamama (Mother Earth), the stars, the cosmos, my spirit team, my medicine allies and with the community and tribe I have found during my healing and trainings - I am all of those, and they are me. I know deeply and share the beauty of what it means to be here on earth as a human.

We can all become our own healers. No matter what kind of work we do in the world, we can truly find joy, space, ease and support as we walk our own individual paths.

Mesa, Kuyas, Medicine Tool , Q'ero, Shamanic Practictioner, Mesa Carrier, Wildly Alive Sarah, Shamanic Practitioner, Living Energy Healer, Wildly Alive, Become your own healer, Q'ero, the beauty way, Earth Altar, Earth Mandala, Lincoln City, Oregon

A little more about me. I am a medicine woman, certified as a Shamanic Healer in the lineage of the Q'ero of the high Andes mountains of Peru. I am also certified as a practitioner of Reiki I & II, Shamanic Reiki I & II, Soul Reconnection Technique™ and Fractalline Healingand I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Social Sciences.


I reside in the Pacific Northwest on the Oregon coast inhabiting the land of short mild summers, eternal rainy winters, exceptional magnificent autumns and delightful enchanting springs. Surrounding me are endless forests and trails, lakes filled with snow melt and the beach isn't all that far. In my living room there's usually nothing on but the radio and fresh bundles wildflowers, stones, painted rocks and shells strewn about. I love to seek out the wonderful in every day and my husband, son and two dogs keep me grounded, always have me laughing and help me stay connected to my heart center.

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Thank you, I look forward to sharing this journey together!

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Sarah is an amazing beautiful guide and healer.  I’ve had several healing sessions with her that have led me to some beautiful healings and aha moments with perfect timing. She makes the healing process very accessible and has taught me to be my own healer as well. I highly recommend her healing sessions!

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