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Walking the Beauty Way

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“BEAUTY. A sun which dwells in the souls of all…”

~A Chapter of Definitions," Daily Crescent, 1848 June 23rd

The Q’ero shamans in the high Andes mountains of Peru work in the tradition of the Beauty Way, in Munay or unconditioned love, meaning that all medicine work and healing is a work of immeasurable beauty because it comes from the heart. Everything we encounter on our life path is an opportunity to be with the beauty of what is, as it is, in that moment. It is living life in presence and awareness and cultivating connection and aliveness.

How do we walk in beauty when we are feeling challenged?

Walking the Beauty Way means seeing through the eyes of the heart so we can fully accept the challenges we are experiencing in our life, seeing them as a pathway for our personal growth. When we walk the Beauty Way we open to amazement that things are really not as they seem nor as we believed. We begin to release our need to know, surrendering into the unknown, becoming comfortable with not knowing.

Sacred Discomfort

So when you sit in deep presence with yourself, BE-ing with what is, this means sometimes sitting with your own sacred discomfort (feeling what is there, following the threads of discomfort, noticing where it lives within you without the stories that your mind makes up about it). When you do this, you are compassionately and with awareness accepting what is, right here, right now, in this moment. As you practice this, the need to control the outcome or the goal falls away. You begin to discover the beliefs and patterns that are unresolved in your life, the things that appear to be blocking your path. As you work with what is, you begin to fall in love with the beauty of the present moment because it brings you into connection with your being-ness, with your immense power to create your reality and your tremendous power to heal. You come into contact with the Beauty of Now.

Eagle - Condor Vision

As you step back and remove your attention from the chaos of the external world, and focus your attention within, you become an observer, a witness to your life. This is Eagle-Condor vision. Zooming out of the details and muck helps you to see the situation or experience from a new perspective. You begin to drop your reliance on your physical senses and what you see around you and you sink deeply into the truth of your heart, a place of deep, still unchanging peace, sensing the awareness and wisdom that rests just beyond the mind, a state of lacking nothing, knowing you are already whole and complete.

You ARE Beauty

Beauty is not something that you become. Nor is it something outside of you. It is a state of being-ness within you. You already ARE! You are just lifting the veil of who you take your self to be and discovering what you already know but had forgotten. As you dis-identify with your personality, your conceptual identities, the masks you wear and with the maps you carry, you begin to understand that your suffering is just your resistance to the present moment, resistance to what you are experiencing right now and believing the story that your mind is telling you about it.

Presence ignites inner knowing

Your intuition is your most precious tool. It keeps you aligned with your purpose and your soul's calling and guides you towards a life that is fulfilling and free. As you learn to be present in each moment, no matter how wonderful or how painful it presents, this is where you begin to heal, where your divine inner knowing begins to rise and it is here you begin to transform, metamorphose and re-member who you are. It is here that you begin to walk the Beauty Way, walking in Munay - unconditional love, becoming aware of and seeing every single moment, in this life as an experience to relish, to be curious about and to inquire within. You have the opportunity to discover and receive the gift of wisdom from each experience.

You are wildly supported

You never ever walk your path alone and it’s never just up to you to figure it out. You will come to deeply know just how immensely and wildly supported you are. As you call yourself here, to the present moment and to the support that is always around you, you will be amazed at who and what shows up to guide you and to offer you sustenance along the way.

I invite you to open your heart, Beautiful One. See if you can open to receive all of the beauty this experience of life offers and discover your own beauty and aliveness!


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