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The Power of Earth Altars for Self-Discovery and Healing

My experience creating an Earth Altar and how the wisdom and support of Pachamama can unfold through your inner knowing when you connect with her in this way.

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Earth Altar

Every day I go outside, rain or shine, and create an Earth Altar. I never know what I am going to create and I am always excited to see what unfolds. I light a candle and call in my Ancestors and Guides, then I call in all I need for the day. I walk around outside and gather items that call to me (sticks, leaves, pine cones, flower petals, stones) and I find a place on the land that calls to me. Then I begin to use those items I gathered to create my Earth Altar. As I am creating it, the wisdom within the Earth begins to tell her story to me.

I had an insightful experience the other day while creating my altar. This is the story that was revealed. The green fern fronds that are below the pine cones are you, your earthly self. You are here, as a human, right now for a purpose. Actually for many purposes. You are here to connect with your body, grow deep roots, to ground your awareness in the present moment, to fully engage with every experience and to connect deeply with this planet you live on (roots). Everything on this Earth is a teacher - it is all around in Nature. You learn to have a soft front (white/pink flower) engaging in life with an open heart and a strong back (red flower) holding healthy nourishing boundaries and possessing deep inner strength. As you connect to your humanness, you begin to find peace, stillness and joy and hear your inner guidance clearly (yellow petals). You connect with your heart (heart rock) and begin to see with your sacred sight (purple flower). This can only happen if you are HERE and fully in your body!

As you embody your human self, you begin to cross a bridge (pine cones) and connect to your divine self, your unlimited potential, to the universe, to the endless and vast wisdom of the stars and cosmos (green ferns on top, tiny flowers and white petals). This is the sacred union. Your world becomes filled with magical experiences and you discover your power. Your sacred sight receives the visions and your heart is the processor of divine wisdom. You have access to the all. As wonderful as it is up here, it is way too easy to stay up here, floating around in awe and wonder of the universe. Your job is to bring that quantum energy and cosmic wisdom down into your belly, into your roots, and to connect into that ancient Earth medicine, deeply grounding that information here in your now and to make it relevant and useful in your life.

When you are deeply connected to both realms, you realize how deeply supported you are in this experience of being human, how powerful you really are and how you are the creator of your reality. This is why you are here - to unearth, to excavate all the conditionings, patterns, thought forms and behaviors that are like a big avalanche of boulders hiding your true nature. It may seem an impossible job to remove the boulders, but that is just your mind. The stories your mind tells you are not true. The mind is uncomfortable with change and wants to protect you from the discomfort. Yet sacred discomfort is where you discover what is blocking you. You get to explore that boulder and break it apart and find the wisdom hidden in it. That wisdom is the insight you need to move forward, to take the next step in your life. So don't focus on the avalanche pile. Just allow yourself to encounter one stone at a time. Because as you remove one stone, other stones leave with it. Your true nature will begin to shine through the rocks, revealing itself to you like beautiful rays of light.

This is how you meet yourself again, how you discover who you really are and why you are here. This is where you discover your gifts and meet your immense support team. This is how you create the life of your dreams. This is how you heal. This is why you are here. It's the big reveal!

Imagine if we all discovered our true nature what a wonderful world this would be. And this is what is happening right now on Pachamama. Her human children are remembering. If you want to heal the Earth and heal the chaos all around, it begins with you. It begins inside of you. As you heal, your outer world begins to shift. Others who want to heal are drawn to you. This is when you get to be of service, to help them with that big boulder in their path. And you know how to help them, because they have the same boulder as you. Perhaps not the exact same experience, but similar enough that your healing experience helps to heal and guide another. This is how we create a life we really want to live in and how we create a world we all really want to live in!

So I invite you to go outside, gather items on the land and create an Earth Altar. Pachamama has so much to teach us when we reach out to her and take time to be still and listen. We all are here for unique purposes and to be of service to the world in millions of ways. AND... we are all here to remember who we are and to heal ourselves first. Because when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. You Are Here For a Reason. You Matter Immensely.

Is there a boulder in your life that you'd like some help exploring? Do you want to learn more about how to work with the Earth's wisdom and access the wisdom of the Universe? Do you want to hear your inner voice more clearly? Schedule a session with me and take that step in the wild unknown. There is magic waiting to be discovered and You are the magic you have been waiting for!


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