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Below I offer you the opportunity to step outside of space and time and into the non-ordinary world through shamanic journeys and other medicine practice audios.


The invitation for you is to step into knowing and have a direct experience of experiencing directly within yourself and from there being informed. This is coming into direct contact with your inner knowing by tracking and using your senses.


These medicine practices are not about what you gain as knowledge outside of yourself, they are about what are you are experiencing directly within you. The process is active and participatory and creates a pathway for you to experience and know your absolute truth that is beyond words and beyond perceptions. Your mind doesn't understand but your soul is listening! It is within this space where healing happens.

These audios are best experienced in a quiet place with headphones and while sitting in a chair or lying down.

Do not listen while driving or doing anything that needs your full attention.

Shamanic Journeys & Medicine Practices

Uncover and clear the conditions you place upon yourself, retrieve your brilliance and experience Munay - unconditional love

Journey to Munay
00:00 / 10:45

Experience what it feels like to open the door to your inner world, step through and come home to yourself

Coming Home
00:00 / 07:29

Give your luminous energy field a colorful and nourishing power boost

Healing Power of Color
00:00 / 06:38
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