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Living Life Grandly!

As we roll into June, the second half of the year, I paused and reflected on the past 6 months. In my personal life and conversations with clients, friends and family I saw a common thread arise - noise and a lot of it. It is the noise of things making great waves in our lives. Waves of change crashing upon the shores of our lives, asking us to pause, listen and take notice. I invite you to read on for some powerful medicine for these times and perhaps save this to come back to as you move through these shifts


We are living in a prophesied time of great comic transformation, a great flipping and turning of time and space and our interconnectedness with it all. This tremendous shift is happening within all of us. Everything can feel like its upside down, topsy turvy, chaotic, messy and uncontrollable. This is because the things we are outgrowing are washing upon the shore to be witnessed and released. Everything that is not serving us is falling away to make space for new possibilities to come in.


Resistance to this natural process creates Hucha (heavy energy) within. You might experience this as stuck-ness, feeling lost, frustration, to name a few. One thing that can keep you stuck is fear - how you are reacting to what is taking place - fear of the unknown, fear of who you are without those things, fear of what you will do without those things, fear of what others might think. The fears that keeps you at a standstill are the stories of your mind. The mind is a story teller (and not a truth teller) and we have the tendency to believe the mind and get caught up in it's looping stories and multiple possible outcomes.


So how do you be in a state of flow when sh*t hits the fan?

Ram Dass said, " where you are, as honestly and as consciously as you know how". Below are a few ways you can work with the present moment and all that it is offering you.


Move into appreciation for all the things that are shifting.

Instead of "Why is the happening to me?" try asking "What is this showing me?". Immerse yourself in gratitude for all that is in your life right now, everything.  This also raises your life-force energy which connects you to the frequency of the new that wants to come into your life.


Let the old go. Send it love and thank it for the gifts of wisdom and insight it leaves behind for you - even if you aren't fully aware of those yet.


Find your tribe and let them support you. This could be online healing groups, friends, siblings, mentors. Ask your guides to show you who your people are. These might be people you would have never considered interacting with. Trust your heart. Tribe will support you and hold space for you. What can you learn from the stories we all share in common?


Get quiet. Join a Meditation Circle. Take time each day to be still, move your awareness within. Explore with curiosity what is rising, without the stories of the mind. This provides relief and release and this is where new insights and possibilities drop in. 


Walk outside and feel your feet on the ground, sense the breeze on your skin, breathe in the sunlight, touch trees and leaves, smell flowers and herbs, watch the birds and listen to their songs, sit by the water, hang out with animals and your pets, create an Earth Altar.


Explore the things you are curious about. Read about them, visit them, experience them, take a class.


Opportunities will start to come in. Things that you may have previously accepted as being out of reach or won't work will start to become tangible. Conversations will bring insight. Notice these, send gratitude for each one.


Follow the signs and take each step that is revealed to you.


Allow yourself to be amazed.  Enjoy the process as it unfolds for you.


Take your time, there is no rush. It is not about the destination, it is about the journey. There is nowhere to get to, nowhere to be. It is just arriving here, in the moment, empty handed. Working in gratitude with what is, right here, right now.


I can help you move through these shifts. The healing energy medicine of the Q'ero offer a direct experience into a profound level of your being-ness and of your power to shift your experience of reality.


Healing is about returning home to yourself and living life consciously. Step into the power of your human experience and Live Life Grandly!


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