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Fire, transformation, fire ceremony, despacho

Available on Zoom

Despacho Ceremony

A traditional Quechuan earth-based prayer mandala ceremony

  • 30 minutes
  • 155 US dollars
  • 30 minute Zoom session + custom-made & mailed Despacho & Ceremonial instructions

Service Description

A traditional Quechuan medicine practice, a Despacho is an earth-based prayer mandala bundle, a beautiful and intentional packaged offering created in sacred space, with prayers, blessings, honoring, gratitude and intention. The transformative energy of a Despacho is activated when offered in ceremony to Fire, Water or Earth. It holds powerful, potent medicine to bring balance, transformation and perceivable shifts into our lives. The contents of a Despacho are determined by its purpose and have deep symbolic significance. I offer many types of traditional custom-made Despachos for Humans and Pets. All Despachos are custom-made and mailed to you with guidelines for creating your own medicine ceremony. Everything contained within it is bio-degradable. This service includes a 30 minute Zoom exploratory session, guidelines for creating your own personal ceremony, custom creation and blessing of your Despacho, and shipping your Despacho to you. You will also receive a tracking number and pictures of the contents of your Despacho and their symbolic meanings. Right now, these may only be shipped within the United States. I welcome your imagination and the unlimited ways your Despacho can be personalized for you! Here are a few examples: - Ayni Despacho: The foundation of Inka Shamanism - Reciprocity / Right Relationship, performed to bring balance into your life, right relationship between your inner and outer worlds and your relationship with Pachamama. - Aya Despacho: To release a stubborn old story, behavior, pattern or belief - something within you that needs to die. May also be created to aid the luminous energy body of a deceased or dying Human or Animal (Pet) to gracefully transition into spirit. - Rites of Passage Despacho: Celebrate stepping into a new phase of life (new job, new relationship, wedding, birthday, graduation, menopause, etc.) or celebrate stepping out of an old phase of life, welcoming in blessings and prayers. - Kuti Despacho: To turn back or flip energy, an offering for transparency, to become translucent and to unwind an energy that is not beneficial for you. - Pachamama Despacho: An offering of gratitude and Munay for Mother Earth and an invocation for her blessings. - Ancestor Despacho: An offering of gratitude and healing for you and for your lineage - maternal, paternal or both. View pictures of the various types of Despachos below. In-person classes are available locally. Contact Sarah to share your vision!

Terms & Conditions

You may cancel or reschedule your session on your account on this site up to 24 hours before the start time. All purchases are non-refundable, HOWEVER, we do understand emergencies and unforeseen circumstances sometimes happen. If you need to cancel or reschedule after this time frame, please contact us so we may assist you. All other Terms & Conditions apply. With Munay, Sarah

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