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Fire, transformation, fire ceremony, despacho

Available on Zoom

Despacho Ceremony

A traditional Quechuan earth-based prayer mandala ceremony

  • 30 minutes
  • 155 US dollars
  • 30 minute Zoom session + custom-made & mailed Despacho & Ceremonial instructions

Service Description

A traditional Quechuan medicine practice, a Despacho is an earth-based prayer mandala bundle, a beautiful and intentional packaged offering created in sacred space, with prayers, blessings, honoring, gratitude and intention. The transformative energy of a Despacho is activated when offered in ceremony to Fire, Water or Earth. It holds powerful, potent medicine to bring balance, transformation and perceivable shifts into our lives. The contents of a Despacho are determined by its purpose and have deep symbolic significance. I offer many types of traditional custom-made Despachos for Humans and Pets. All Despachos are custom-made and mailed to you with guidelines for creating your own medicine ceremony. Everything contained within it is bio-degradable. This service includes a 30 minute Zoom exploratory session, guidelines for creating your own personal ceremony, custom creation and blessing of your Despacho, and shipping your Despacho to you. You will also receive a tracking number and pictures of the contents of your Despacho and their symbolic meanings. Right now, these may only be shipped within the United States. I welcome your imagination and the unlimited ways your Despacho can be personalized for you! Here are a few examples: - Ayni Despacho: The foundation of Inka Shamanism - Reciprocity / Right Relationship, performed to bring balance into your life, right relationship between your inner and outer worlds and your relationship with Pachamama. - Aya Despacho: To release a stubborn old story, behavior, pattern or belief - something within you that needs to die. May also be created to aid the luminous energy body of a deceased or dying Human or Animal (Pet) to gracefully transition into spirit. - Rites of Passage Despacho: Celebrate stepping into a new phase of life (new job, new relationship, wedding, birthday, graduation, menopause, etc.) or celebrate stepping out of an old phase of life, welcoming in blessings and prayers. - Kuti Despacho: To turn back or flip energy, an offering for transparency, to become translucent and to unwind an energy that is not beneficial for you. - Pachamama Despacho: An offering of gratitude and Munay for Mother Earth and an invocation for her blessings. - Ancestor Despacho: An offering of gratitude and healing for you and for your lineage - maternal, paternal or both. View pictures of the various types of Despachos below. In-person classes are available locally. Contact Sarah to share your vision!

Terms & Conditions

You may cancel or reschedule your session on your account on this site up to 24 hours before the start time. AND... we do understand emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can sometimes happen. If you need to cancel or reschedule after this time frame, please contact us so we may assist you. All purchases are non-refundable. If you are late to your scheduled session, your session will still need to end at the originally scheduled time. All other Terms & Conditions apply. With Munay, Sarah

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