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I see you and all of your ancestors.
I honor you and all of your ancestors.
I honor You as an ancestor of the future.


Step into the Power of Your Human Experience

and Create a Life You Really Want to Live In!

You are so much more than you think you are!

The energetic healing technologies of the Q'ero of Peru offer a direct experience into a profound level of your being-ness, where you can shift your experience of reality into one that creates and nourishes a beautifully supportive relationship with Yourself, Nature and the Cosmos.

The Q'ero Paqos (Shamans) are a living lineage of an ancient shamanic culture, descendants of the Inka. They live high up in the secluded mountains of Peru. Their medicine and teachings are catalysts to help us move through this period of great upheaval so that as a human collective we may step into a new golden age of peace, the age of Taripay Pacha, where we meet ourselves again. 

The traditions of the Andean lineage teach you how to perceive and run living energy through your conscious awareness to weave aliveness, flow and harmony into your life, and empower and nurture you through connecting you to the ancient powerful medicine. This medicine is a tradition of alliances, interconnection, oneness and mutual support. Walking this path will guide you into deepening your resonance and connection with your inner guidance, the Pachamama, Spirit and the Cosmos.

Shamanic healing is a portal to deeply connect with yourself.  As you release what no longer serves you, you build a strong foundation for your authentic self to shine. You get to meet yourself again! Your life begins to take on deeper meaning as you awaken to the beauty within. As we work together you will learn how to build upon these foundations in symbolic and meaningful ways to enliven each and every moment of your life.

This journey of self discovery is what you came here to do!

We are living in a prophesied time of great cosmic transformation, what the Q'ero call PachaKuti, a great flipping and turning of time and space and our interconnectedness with it all.

We are creating the Golden Age, the Age of Taripay Pacha - the Age Where We Meet Ourselves Again.


The healing energy medicine of the Q'ero offer a direct experience into a profound level of your being-ness and of your power to shift your experience of reality.

Greetings and welcome! Thank you for being here. ​


My name is Sarah. I am certified as a shamanic practitioner and living energy healer and initiated into the lineage of the Q’ero Paqos (Shamans) in the high Andes mountains of Peru, descendants of the Inka. I am also a full mesa carrier.


I work with humans are ready to invite transformation into their lives. I offer online and in-person healing sessions, rites of passage and ceremony, healing circles and meditation circles.


As we work together, you will learn to become your own healer by learning how to perceive, shift and move energy in whatever parts of your life you want to transform. I will teach you how to run living energy through your conscious awareness to weave wild aliveness, flow and harmony into your life, and empower and nurture you through connecting you to ancient and powerful medicine.


You will learn to create a life you really want to live in by applying the medicine, embodying it, living it day to day, moment to moment and coming to know just how deeply and wildly supported you are.

Come as you are.

All of you is welcome here.

Step into the Life that is Your Birthright!

Retrieve your Destiny!



Online and In-Person Options

In-Person Women's Healing Circles are held at Rejuvenation Massage & Wellness in Lincoln City, Oregon

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Thank you, I look forward to sharing this journey together!


What clients are saying


Based on my own personal experience working with Sarah, I can say with conviction that the insights, wisdom and confidence that Sarah will leave you with will transform your life in ways you never imagined!

Sarah has a unique talent for healing. Her passion for this healing work is clear in her dedication to her studies and her practices, in her research and in her own personal healing journey. Her ability to hone in on other’s needs is really remarkable and her desire to help others on is admirable.

Sarah's insights are life changing and if you're looking for guidance, clarity, and enlightenment into your own healing journey then you should not hesitate to embark on this journey with Sarah as your guide.

Susan, Beaverton, Oregon

This is not the type of service I would normally seek out. I tend to think about my life and my challenges in a very linear or “Type A” way. But my work with Sarah has proven to be incredibly rewarding. By adding it as a layer of my self care, it has made a huge impact on an array of areas in my life. I’m so thankful to have connected with her and that I have access to this connection to things larger than myself.

Clare, Portland, Oregon

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