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You have arrived in a sacred and supportive space

I see you and all of your ancestors. I honor you and all of your ancestors.
I honor You as an ancestor of the future.


Greetings and Welcome! Thank you for being here. My name is Sarah and I am certified, trained and initiated as a shamanic practitioner and living energy healer into the lineage of the Q’ero medicine men and women in the high Andes of Peru, descendants of the Inka. I am also a full mesa carrier. I teach people how to become their own healers. I will help you to create space in your life and to find the fullness of freedom and joy in each moment as you shed the layers of conditioning that are not in alignment with who you truly are. Through your own direct experience you will learn to perceive, shift and move energy in whatever parts of your life you want to transform. I will be your guide as you reconnect to your innate wisdom, reactivate your senses, step deeply onto your soul's path, walk the beauty way and become Wildly Alive!


We are living in a time of great cosmic transformation - what the Q'ero call PachaKuti,

a great flipping and turning of time and space and our interconnectedness with it all.

We are creating the Golden Age, the Age of Taripay Pacha - the Age Where We Meet Ourselves Again.

As we are shifting, everything can feel like it's upside down.

I can help you find your feet again.

I can help you navigate this new way of be-ing.


Open to amazement that things are really not as you once believed.

Re-discover and re-member what you already know!


Become your own healer


You are here to experience, to explore, to heal, to feel, to find joy, to know you are supported and being provided for and to experience unconditioned love ("Munay" as the Q'ero of Peru say). You deserve joy and abundance and you deserve to have the most amazing life.


As you become your own healer, you begin to flow with each challenge, each experience, in each moment, alchemizing your struggles into gold, into the gifts you are here to receive.

As we work together, I will

  • create a supportive space for you to express your vulnerability

  • help you compassionately and curiously explore and tend to your inner world

  • guide you as you learn to lead from your heart

  • teach you through direct experience how to clear, shift, transform & refine your energy

  • offer you wisdom teachings and energetic practices to build a spiritual toolkit

  • support you as you integrate and embody the healing

I will create a pathway for You to

  • connect to your true nature

  • open up to your unique and specialized gifts

  • discover your purpose and what lights you up as you express your gifts

  • enliven trust in yourself

  • activate your inner knowing and tracking abilities

  • meet your allies and power animals


As you step into liberation and freedom, you directly experience what that means for you.


This work is not about accumulating spiritual information, it's about applying it, embodying it, living it day to day, moment to moment.


You are courageous, powerful and wise, it is all in you. This is your birthright, to re-member this, to apply it to this human life and to be of service to your beautiful self. 

I invite you to join me on this journey to becoming Wildly Alive!

Sarah has a unique talent for Shamanic Healing. Her passion for this healing work is clear in her dedication to her studies and her practices, in her research and in her own personal healing journey. Her ability to hone in on other’s needs is really remarkable and her desire to help others on is admirable.


Sarah's insights are life changing and if you're looking for guidance, clarity, and enlightenment into your own healing journey then you should not hesitate to embark on this journey with Sarah as your guide.


Based on my own personal experience working with Sarah, I can say with conviction that the insights, wisdom and confidence that Sarah will leave you with will transform your life in ways you never imagined!



Beaverton, Oregon

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Thank you, I look forward to sharing this journey together!

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