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Terms and Conditions

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By participating in services offered by Wildly Alive LLC you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • Full payment is due at the time you schedule your private session or group session.

  • All sessions are non-refundable, including purchased, scheduled, canceled and missed sessions. We know from time to time things happen (unforeseen circumstances or emergencies). If this is the case, please contact us so we may assist you in the best possible way.

  • Using your account on this site, you may cancel or reschedule your private session up to 24 hours before the start time. Group sessions may be scheduled up to 1 hour before the group start time and may be canceled or rescheduled up to 12 hours before the group start time.

  • If you are late to your scheduled session, your session will still end at the originally scheduled time.


All services delivered by Wildly Alive LLC, as well as information set forth on the website,, are meant to help you create a fulfilling life for yourself. The intent is to offer information to help you in your journey towards emotional and spiritual well-being.


Wildly Alive LLC does not dispense medical advice or medical treatment, nor does it provide or prescribe any medical diagnosis, treatment, medication, or remedy.


Energy healing is not considered professional mental health care or medical care. If you feel psychologically stressed to the point that it is interfering with your ability to function, please call 911.


I understand that the sessions, classes, workshops, events, and information provided by Wildly Alive LLC are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any mental health or medical conditions. 


I understand it is my responsibility to maintain a relationship for myself with a medical doctor and or mental health practitioner for medical or psychological problems and concerns. 


I acknowledge that open communication during a session is promoted between myself and my Practitioner and that I may ask questions during my session of anything that I do not fully understand.


In the event that I use any of the information and services offered, Wildly Alive LLC assumes no responsibility for my actions. I further understand that there are numerous benefits possible through Shamanism and Energy Healing and teachings offered, such as diminished pain sensation, increased relaxation and an enhanced sense of well-being. These effects may vary depending on each individual’s trauma and response patterns. I agree to hold Wildly Alive LLC harmless from any possible effects that may cause temporary physical or emotional discomfort and agree to take full responsibility for my self-care and personal development. 


I hold harmless Wildly Alive LLC from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action or causes of action, present or future, arising out of or connected with my participation in a session(s) without limitation. 


I acknowledge that I have thoroughly read and agree to these terms and release all liability. I have consented to use the services offered by Wildly Alive LLC and agree to be personally responsible for the fees of Wildly Alive LLC in connection with the services provided to me.

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