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Cosmo vision

Cosmo vision


A unique and hand painted large medicine stone from the Pacific ocean (about the size a tennis ball).


This powerful stone comes with:


- an altar cloth

- a medicine practice on how to work with your stone

- a brief written intuitive message for the recipient


This medicine stone has been cleansed, filled with Sami (high refined light energy) and sacred blessings infused within.. And... it's excited to meet YOU and to share its medicine with YOU!


PLEASE NOTE this stone does not come with a feather, herbs, palo or candle.

  • Refunds

    Items are shipped within 5-7 days of purchase. If your item is not delivered due to being lost in the mail, we will send you another one for no charge or you may choose to be refunded, minus the cost of shipping ($5).

  • Connect to the magic of stones

    These Medicine Bags offer you a way to be in ceremony and to cultivate your connection to nature, energy, Pachamama and your immense support team!


    I'll tell you a little bit about the medicine stones...


    In Shamanism, we perceive that everything is alive and has consciousness, anima and awareness. Everything is connected in the beautiful energetic web of life. Thus, everything in nature and in the stars are our allies and can support us as we walk through each moment of our lives. The energy we hold inside of ourselves affects, shapes and creates our physical reality.


    Stones, for example, are powerful medicine allies. They are ancient wisdom keepers and can hold our heavy energies as well as holding our medicine and they assist us with tracking the information we need to know to be able to move forward in our life.


    So while working with the stones, I asked them each how they would like to be painted and what colors they wanted. It was fascinating to me that they all wanted a similar design yet each slightly differed in the color and shapes they wanted to express. Each stone has been cleansed, filled with Sami (high refined light energy) and sacred blessings infused within.


    These also make wonderful heart-felt gifts.
  • Here's how to discover which stone calls to you

    Take some deep breaths and call yourself here. Allow your awareness to go inwards. As you view each stone, notice what stirs within, what sensations arise. Your body will show you. It might come as a strong knowing, a feeling, a yes! The stone may shine for you or your heart may flutter. Trust your sacred inner knowing and have fun with it!

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