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Three Card Reading

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Three Card Reading

Soul Cards 1 by Deborah Koff-Chapin

Curious about the three cards above? Read on to find out more! This three card reading is designed to offer you a power boost, tuning you deeply into your inner knowing so that you can receive with clarity the information you need to know in your life right now. Tap into your child-like curiosity and have fun with this! Before you look at what's on the cards, let's get prepped to tune inwards: 1. Release Hucha (heavy dense energy). Breathe deeply a few times and exhale with sound. Shake your body - face, jaw, arms, hands, legs if you need to. 2. Get grounded. Your inner knowing rises when you are deeply connected to Pachamama (Mother Earth). A short meditation like one of these works great to help bring your awareness inward. 3. Smile. Really! Smiling brings you into a state of ease and opens your heart. 4. Consider an open-ended question to ask. Is there something in your life you want more information about? 5. Softly gaze at the cards and sense the information and wisdom that arises WITHIN YOU. It might come in the form of a word, a picture, a knowing, a feeling, a sensation. You might even smell, taste or hear it. 6. Trust what you get. It's most always the first thing that comes to you. Everything you need to know is literally inside of you. You don't have to reach outwards for it.

Isn't that just Amazing?!

Ready to step through the door of your inner knowing?


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