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The Medicine of Weather

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I invite you to take a moment to reflect on the weather in perhaps a way you may not have before. Many of you have been experiencing snow, ice, rain, wind or extreme cold. Some of you are experiencing warmth, sun and summer breezes.


Recently, where I live, during the rain, we had a deep freeze. Everything outside was encased in ice for days. I ventured out one day, slipping and sliding over to my Ceanothus bush (pic above) and noticed an early flower that had frozen within an icicle. As I sat admiring all of nature covered in ice, I realized that the icy weather and intermittent power outages contained medicine for me. It had helped me to slow down, to be with what is, not wishing for better weather or for summer, just being here, right here, right now, just like nature, frozen in time for a time. The frozen flower reminded me that it was OK to put some creative projects I had been working on, on hold.


A few days later, a giant branch fell from a large tree. I wondered where inside of me was an old branch that was ready to fall which led to some deep medicine work to release that dead and dying branch within me.


Here is your invitation...

Notice and sense the weather where you are today. What medicine does it hold for you? What wisdom does it offer?


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