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The Colors Of July - Inspiration to Color Your Life!

Soooooo, let's talk COLORS! I love working with colors because they are powerful healing allies and as frequencies of light, they hold so much information packed within them. Below you can read about the colors I see for July and learn ways you can work with the energy of these colors to bring healing and balance into your life. 

The overarching color of July is Magenta. Magenta is a mix of purple and red. I see the beautiful purple energy of the cosmos flowing down into your crown chakra at the top of your head, helping you to connect deeply with the wisdom of cosmos, and I see the sparkling red of the heartbeat of earth flowing up into your root chakra at the base of your spine, helping you to deeply root and ground your energy in the earth so that you can be fully present and fully here. As these two colors and energies mix and mingle within you, they become Magenta, helping you to fully embody being a Divine Human, meaning that as you create your reality, you can actualize all the magical experiences you want to have here and now during your Earthwalk. Magenta is balancing these energies for you in July. Invite in the color of Magenta, visualizing it, breathing it in and noticing in the peripheral how Magenta shows up for you as an ally this month.


The month of July invites us to also work with Green which brings deep healing and heart centered compassion. It is the Green of openness and receiving, of Pachamama and Nature, healing, nurturing, solidness and grounding. When I see the Green of July, I see moss, leaves, grass, plants, herbs and trees. What can you open your heart to this month? How can you connect more deeply this month with the Green of the natural world around you? How can you use the color Green to heal your connection to nature? You might consider energetically calling in a Moss Agate crystal. These crystals bring in that Green rooted energy of the earth, pulling your feet deep down into the earth, helping you to be present, grounded, here and aware.


July also helps us to shine our brilliant Yellow Golden Light within along with the sun of summer days and the stars of summer nights. In Shamanism, Yellow is the color of Joy. When you immerse yourself in the Joy of being, your light brightens and shines. You literally glow and that glow has a ripple effect on others. Consider bringing Yellow flowers into your home, wearing your favorite shade of Yellow, cooking with Yellow food like turmeric, lemon or Yellow peppers or creating art in Yellow. Connect with the rising and setting of the sun, breathe in its life force. Consider your own brilliance - Are there ways you tend to dim your brilliance? How can you let go and allow your own unique beautiful light to shine along with the Yellow Golden Sun of July?


And not to be overlooked, the Pink of July brings softness and trust. What is your current situation around feeling safe and trusting the in wisdom of your heart? How can you open your heart to love - love of yourself and love of your life? How can you let go of old hurts so your heart can be as light as a feather? How can you walk in beauty with an open and receiving heart? Where in your life can you bring in softness of Pink or offer soft love to rough edges? Consider looking in the mirror every morning at yourself and saying "[Insert your name here], I love you. I really really love you", doing this each time throughout the day as you pass a mirror, pausing, looking at yourself and repeating this phrase. Notice what happens within as you say it and repeat it. It's not as easy as it sounds and emotions may rise and that is wonderful! Take a moment to feel them and then say it again to yourself in the mirror. The more you do this practice, the more you shift and soften your experience of yourself into one of Munay, unconditional love for ALL of who you are at any moment. And consider calling in the Rose Quartz crystal, asking it to assist you in finding softness and trust in an area within you that needs nurtured. 

Sending you all of the colorful blessings of July!


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