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Spiritual Alchemy of 2024

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Sinking into the energy of the new year, I see the infinity symbol, a lot of purple and violet and the merging, balance and marrying of two energies - separateness and wholeness. To me, this says that collectively, 2024 will be full opportunities and experiences for us to discover, embrace and embody our wholeness and connection to our divinity, leaving the separateness of our human conditioning behind and experiencing what it means to live and be of service as an awakened new human on Earth, what the Q'ero call PachaKuti.


How these energies play out individually will be determined by our conscious choice to Be Here Now, ever present with every experience, every emotion, in every moment, learning to flow with the cadence and rhythm of life as a human be-ing while at the same time connecting and interacting with life as a divine be-ing.


As you continue your personal healing, throughout this year you may notice a steady stream of releasing of constrictions in your mind and body, experience significant shifts in perceptions as you assimilate cosmic frequencies that connect you to the rhythmic breath of the universe, to the consciousness of the stars, nature and Pachamama and to the awareness of who you really are and your higher purpose.


When these forces are in balance, you consciously create and manifest the life that is your birthright! This new, balanced and whole way of being that is emerging brings with it a lightness of being - the physical body becoming less dense, opening ways to love more wholly, to live with purpose and trust in yourself and in life, to discover the magic that lies just beneath the surface in everything, and to create a life that is wildly divine, wildly beautiful and wildly alive.

 Photo courtesy of Our Table

To support the balance and flow of these universal energies and to nourish your ever evolving DNA (the strands of which are also in the shape of an infinity symbol!), you might consider consuming purple or violet foods like kale, potatoes, carrots, berries, cabbage, acai berries, baby artichokes, grapes, elderberry, lavender, plums, and radicchio, taking a moment before eating to send gratitude for the gifts you are about to receive. I also invite you to breathe in the color purple or violet through your crown each day.

You've got this! And if you need support along the way this year, schedule a session that calls to you and let's work together to lighten the load you're carrying.

Blessings of Munay to you in in 2024!


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