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Munay - Reclaiming your Brilliance

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Munay is the Quechuan word for Unconditioned Love.


Munay is universal and infinite love. It is love without any conditions at all. It is having love, appreciation and gratitude for all of creation (including yourself), without any expectations. You are loved immeasurably and wildly supported by the Universe, by Pachamama, by your Guides, by Nature, and by Great Spirit. You can do or be anything and still be loved in this way.


Yet many of us continue to long for someone who believes in us and loves us unconditionally. What if I told you that this someone is YOU?


Thich Nhat Hahn said "You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free". What if he was talking about how you love yourself? Do you feel free?


Often we give our brilliance away because it is too uncomfortable and we have been conditioned to think we are not worthy of love. The past, the pains, the hurts - these shape you and shape your experience of life and create how you perceive life. These are the maps you carry. These are the maps you are unraveling and rewriting.

Munay begins with You.


It begins with being in deep presence with yourself, exploring what is rising that needs to be seen and felt, uncovering your wounds and unhooking from shame, fear and doubt so that your heart can become light like a feather. So you are longer a servant to your mind and your heart becomes the conductor of your life. It also begins with connecting to the support that is all around you. Support that you can lean into and hand over your worries, pains and hurts to. You never ever walk your path alone (see the Medicine Practice link below that offers ways to deepen your sense of this support).


The journey to Munay, is a journey of Self Love.


Munay creates a bridge from your head to your heart, opening the way for you to see and experience the world through the eyes of your heart. Your heart always shows you the truth. As you reclaim your brilliance, your gold, you open the way to fall in love with with ALL of who you are, right here, right now and in each moment without any conditions. Your life itself becomes an expression of love.


My wonderments are...


-  How much of this infinite love do you open to receive for yourself?

-  What conditions do you place on yourself before you will fully love yourself?

-  Do you feel bound by the conditions you place on yourself? I will love myself fully as soon as I...

-  What if you could love yourself fully without any conditions?

-  What if you could see your worth and your value even when the world or someone central to or important in your life doesn't see it?

-  So many versions of you exist in other peoples minds. Who are you to yourself?

-  When do you give others your gold?

-  How can you hold your brilliance?

-  How can you honor your brilliance?


These are not questions for the mind. These are questions for the heart.

 I invite you to sense into your heart and ask these questions.

What wisdom does your heart offer you?


Here's How to Begin...


- Curiously explore the questions above through the eyes of your heart.


- Join me on a Shamanic Journey to uncover and clear the conditions you place upon yourself and retrieve and reclaim your brilliance.


-  Check out these Medicine Practices as a beautiful starting point and to call in all of the support you need for each day.


-  Sensing the call to go deeper? Schedule a Healing Session with me. We will sit in sacred space and retrieve your brilliance together.


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