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Healing Power of Color - What Colors Do You Wear in Your Luminous Energy Field?

Colors are energetic ribbons of light that hold perceivable and distinctive frequencies. Packed within each of those frequencies are light codes, a living intelligence that informs us of the quality and potential of energy that is present within our luminous energy field. Colors are projections of our living energy. In other words, we wear our energy in colors!

Your luminous energy field, which surrounds your physical body, is your light body, a living and interactive environment that contains information, the inside story of YOU. It holds the experiences of your current life, your ancestors lives, and your past lives. Your luminous energy field also features the main colors of your energy, who you uniquely are at a soul level, and it reveals your human personality and your spiritual, emotional and physical health.

There are also colors in your energy field that come and go. Imagine for a moment your energy as a beautiful sparkling bright light emanating all around you. Each experience and thought that you have, brings in a frequency of light - a color. These colors shift and morph as you react or respond to life. The colors may darken, lighten or sparkle, have holes or tears, be smooth or soft, stiff or flexible, dusty or shiny. They represent wholeness and expansion in your life and reveal areas of stuckness, illness, dis-ease and constriction.

In Shamanism, we work with colors as allies, archetypal colors that enliven, heal and nourish. Colors bring into our conscious awareness the support we have all around us. Consider for a moment - What colors nourish you? What colors do you shy away from?

Below I offer a colorful medicine practice that will give your luminous energy field a nourishing power boost:

I invite you to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and settle into yourself.

Gently notice how you are feeling just now.

Now call in a color to support you. Let yourself be surprised by what color comes into your awareness.

Breathe in that color. Let it flow through your blood, filling up your bones, organs, cells and DNA.

Now push that color into your skin and then out three feet all around you.

Soak in that color for a few minutes.

What do you notice? How do you feel now?

Take that color with you throughout your day. Maybe you wear a piece of clothing or jewelry that has that color in it. You may even notice that color showing up here and there as you go about your day. If you do, know that it's popping in to say, "Hey, I've got you". Breathe that color in again and again all day. Thank it for holding you in its healing container.

Color is a powerful and delightful ally, and it's all around us, in everything, just waiting for us to call it in!

Curious about the colors you wear in your luminous energy field? In September and October only, I am offering Color Frequency Healing Sessions. Learn more here.

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